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Manfredi (DIDI) is a 20-year-old autistic boy that born and raised in Rome.

Learning about this mental illness has been a very painful long journey. Manfredi from an early age had difficulty doing anything that put him in a relationship with others, can't speak, can't write, he has never learned to read his requests have been indecipherable for years, his tastes have been indecipherable for years, his passions have been indecipherable for years.

With the help of a psychological support team for him and for the family if you try to involve him

in different activities. Often children like Manfredi scare us because unfortunately they have aggressive attitudes and when they get frustrated, managing this aggression is not easy, what remains for families, in most cases, is to find centers that welcome them permanently. (Lock them up and

sedate them)


Manfredi has always been a child attracted to colors and beauty. Finding out that he had an artistic talent came naturally.


For him to succeed in an activity, continuously, is very complicated so what helps him to compose a work is having so many colors and brushes available, space to be able to go around them and decide independently how to use them. Spraying color spreading matter splashing and manipulating takes his unique works.

Usually, we choose for him very large canvases and large quantities of tempera which, in an apparently confusing way, spreads and mixes.

Manfredi, like many children with autism, alternates moments of strong aggression with moments

in which he can express his enormous sweetness. I believe that with the pictorial expression he manifests both of these moods. The frustration of not being understood and the enormous attention and affection he receives make him, temperamentally, a truly "special" guy.

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